Design and ideas destined to shape our lives.
Products, fashion, interiors, architecture, robotics, communication are all design that innovates the way we live. From goods that have already gone into production, to forthcoming prototypes, to inspiration-giving arts--these things improve our ability to take action, create superior business models, raise societal issues, set about solving problems and fulfill the rich potentiality of living.

Anything for Anyone.

Any life-shaping, purposeful design or idea for any one to take advantage of. Any Tokyo is a design event bringing tomorrow's applied design and ideas together under one roof.


今年のテーマは、「 New Vector/新たなベクトル 」。自然の進化のように、暮らしを変えていく力をもつデザインやアイデアとは、どんなものだろうか?ここでは、最新とか最先端ということを意識するものではなく。我々の暮らしに新たに加わり、新たな価値をつくるだろう ”これからのデザインやアイデア” を体験し、共有したいと思っています。


DATE 26th Oct.(sat)-4th Nov.(mon/national holiday)
TIME 11:00-20:00 *On 26th Oct., open time is 13:00
LOCATION AOYAMA CI PLAZA, 2F (2-3-1,Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku)
2min. walk from Gaienmae sta.EXIT 4a, 5min.
walk from Aoyama Itchome sta. EXIT1
*Entrance Free
PRESS PREVIEW 26th Oct.(sat)10:00-13:00
OPENING PARTY 26th Oct.(sat)18:00-21:00