Daniel Widrig

‘Kinesis’ is a collection of laser-sintered, custom-made objects merging notions of architecture, jewellery, and fashion design. The intricate pieces were conceived and materialized in one seamless digital process. The 3D geometries were generated by tracing multiple paths around a fashion model's body scan. The emerging path network was then materialised via selective laser sintering (SLS), a method that creates objects by merging nylon particles with a laser, building objects layer by layer. The resulting prototypes were first presented at a catwalk show during the 2012 World Conference on Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing, hosted by .MGX and Materialise.Kinesis has also been displayed at Design Forum Vienna, London 3D Print Show and the Center for Contemporary Art Torun.

Daniel Widrig

Architect and Designer

After graduating from England’s AA School, Daniel worked closely with architect Zaha Hadid. Since going independent in 2009, he has worked in wide range of genres, and his studio is considered to be in the vanguard of digital art and design. His project with fashion designer Iris Van Herpen was chosen as one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Innovations of the Year.