2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM ※最終日は5PM迄

一般 ¥1,000 / 学生 ¥500

kudan house(東京・九段下)

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2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM Open until 5PM on the last day

Adults ¥1,000 / Student ¥500

kudan house

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There is a great gap between craftsmanship and “Zokusha (gang-bike)” culture in social evaluation, and those cultures have never been merged together. However, the craftsman and “Kyushakai” (old motorbike lovers) have common interests on uniqueness and narrative made by handcrafting, and both pose questions on uniformity of industrial products made by mass production.
“Kogei-Zokusha” is a collaborative project by craftsman, artists, and gang-motorbike engineers to handcraft a Zokusha with the traditional metal hammering technique. Merge together differences and commonalities of craft and Zokusha culture into one motorbike to investigate and expose the traditional concept of craft that has not been updated for a long time by the context of technics and Japanese folk art.



Art Collective

After having produced interactive advertisements in past years, Umi Chae has initiated a collective HUMAN AWEOME ERROR (HAE) with member of craftsmen and artists. With the purpose of extend our imaginations by raising awareness on overlooked facts how our aesthetic sense has been influenced by the transition of technologies and cultures.

Focusing mainly on the significance of handcrafting to us, and giving new perspective to society while revealing potential value that has not been recognized.

After produce interactive advertisements, Umi Chae has initiated HUMAN AWEOME ERROR to 〇〇 how the change of technology and culture has given impact to our everyday life
And a project was started that make modern discussion about relation of technology and culture between human beings.Nowadays, main theme is effects of technic of craftsmanship to human community and society.