2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM ※最終日は5PM迄

一般 ¥1,000 / 学生 ¥500

kudan house(東京・九段下)

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2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM Open until 5PM on the last day

Adults ¥1,000 / Student ¥500

kudan house

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2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM Open until 5PM on the last day

Adults ¥1,000 / Student ¥500

kudan house

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A cross-disciplinary creative festival that brings together art, culture, and cutting edge technologies that attempt to open up new fields


Crazy Futures


No one probably knows what the future will bring. The only thing we can say for sure is that the path will change depending on what we recognize as the future and on what we most strongly believe in. That is why we would like to welcome those who seek to create new values. They may sometimes appear to be incomprehensible and perhaps even crazy. But we believe that our future lies where such radical practitioners point us towards, freeing us from our infatuation with superficial logics or social status.

Exhibitions & Artists

Event & Talk


kudan house

Built in 1927, kudan house is a Spanish-style building with beautiful curves, representative of the early days of the reinforced concrete structures. This modern three-story house with a basement contains both Japanese and Western styles and consists of Japanese style guest room, large hall which is previously used as a dance hall, some lounges, newly renovated beautiful Japanese garden, etc. Now kudan house is used as a business salon for registered members.

Period 2019.11.16 (SAT)−24 (SUN) 11AM-7PM (Open until 5PM on the last day)
Venue kudan house
Kudan-Kita 1-15-9, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073
Entrance fee Adults ¥1,000 / Student ¥500
Access Tokyo Metro: 5 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Kudanshita Exit 1

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Product design, fashion, interior design, architecture, robotics, communication—the design of tomorrow brings innovations to our daily lives. With exhibits and talk events that remove disciplinary barriers, the event will invite exhibitors and participants to think about the future together. It aims to become a site where “something new” is engendered, as imaginations and creativities are enlivened to give birth to brilliant business models or to solutions for social issues.

The world is overflowing with things, services, and technologies. But what are they for? And what should we create?

Could there be a festival where participants and visitors create futures together by posing social issues or by experimenting with new ideas in order to enrich our lives and develop our cultures and economies? These are the questions that drove us to launch AnyTokyo.

This first edition in four years will showcase many talents. Something new will be engendered as dierent forms of wisdom are brought together to mix and blend into each other. I believe that our future will start from there. I am personally looking forward to witness phenomena that I have never seen before.

Masato Tanaka, Executive Producer, AnyTokyo

Masato Tanaka

Organizer & Partners

  • Exhibitors

    Akira Wakita / Keita Suzuki [PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER Inc.] / HUMAN AWESOME ERROR / Golden Pin Design Award / YUNA YAGI / Synflux [Kazuya Kawasaki / Kotaro Sano / Kye Shimizu / Yusuke Fujihira ] / Yoshihisa Tanaka + Daijiro Ohara / YOY / mmm + Kenta Tanaka / Sakuma Kaito a.k.a BATIC / ni-wa / Norimichi Hirakawa / Kensaku Oshiro / Tsuguya Inoue x Ryota Atarashi x Yusuke Nishimura x Tamaki Yoshida / echo project / TAKT PROJECT / Koichiro Iwamoto / Yoshiki Matsuyama / alamak! project 2019 / Jukan Tateisi / Makiko Takashima

  • Logo Design

    Tsuguya Inoue

  • Art Direction

    Yoshihisa Tanaka

  • Graphic Design

    Yoshihisa Tanaka, Yutaro Yamada

  • Sound

    AnyTokyo Sound Project : KAITO SAKUMA a.k.a BATIC + Jukan Tateisi

  • Website Development

    Shunya Hagiwara, Tomoki Tachibana(Shed), Kotono Tsuruta(Shed), Yuya Honda(Shed)

  • Exhibition Management

    Shigeki Ishikawa

  • Coordination Support

    Kotoko Koya

  • Project Management

    Machiko Nomura / Ai Kikuchi Lal (CLAY)

  • Global Communication

    Satoko Muto

  • Event Planning Support

    Takao Kunori

  • Production Support

    Katsuhiko Kumasaki / Koichi Babazono / Taro Kawazoe

  • Production Assistant

    Mirano Suzuki

  • Translation

    Naoki Matsuyama

  • PR

    Haruka Murakami / Masumi Yamamoto (daily press)

  • Special Thanks

    Masato Takahashi / Shingo Noda / Shunichi Takano

  • Special Cooperation

    kudan house

  • Executive Producer

    Masato Tanaka

  • Organizer

    AnyTokyo Committee