2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM ※最終日は5PM迄

一般 ¥1,000 / 学生 ¥500

kudan house(東京・九段下)

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2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM Open until 5PM on the last day

Adults ¥1,000 / Student ¥500

kudan house

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Golden Pin Design Award

Design award

Established in 1981, Taiwan's Golden Pin Design Award is the most influential design award in the global Huaren market. The planning and handling of the awards, the prize-giving ceremony, and all other related activities are executed by Taiwan Design Center (TDC). In 2015, the Golden Pin Design Award launched three separate awards the Golden Pin Design Award, Golden Pin Concept Design Award, and Young Pin Design Award. The purpose of each award is to commend outstanding innovation in design within different target demographics.


The Guidebook of Marine Debris

A platform “The Guidebook of Marine Debris”, which introduces information on 101 typical marine debris from beach cleanup activities. Picking up and disposing of marine debris is not the end, it can encourage more people to know what kind of waste has been and where it came from, and encourage them to try to create as little waste as one can.

Taiwan Re-Think Environmental Education Association


RE-THINK is an organization that is actively involved in and dedicated to the enjoyment and protection of Taiwan’s beaches, coasts, mountains and oceans for all people, through activism, conservation, and education. RE-THINK has formed partnerships with local businesses, community members, non-profit organizations and school districts. The organization's goals are to cultivate an environment that inspires people to take action to achieve healthy ecosystems; to teach people the importance of clean water, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, and the ocean through education programs; to advocate a single-use, non-biodegradable plastic bag ban; and to raise awareness in communities about coastal preservation, ecosystem protection, water quality and RE-THINK's activities. Currently, RE-THINK has over 140,000 online Facebook fans. Over 25,000 people have participated in the events.

Not Just Library 2018 Admission Ticket

1,667 sheets of paper from 22 magazines are reprinted and cut into 10,000 tickets. The different types of paper, reprinting, visual dismantling, and sequencing turn each ticket into a unique reading material that inspires and stimulates thought.

Not Just Library is a comprehensive collection devoted to modern and contemporary design; it is a place that fuels creativity, opens perspectives and provides inspiration. The non-circulating collection documents design, prints, crafts, color chips, paper material, art, architecture, fashion, video, and emerging forms from the 1980s to the present. The Library’s holdings include approximately 20,000 books and exhibition catalogs, and over 100 periodical titles. Since it opened, the Library has presented many exhibitions and events, and is dedicated to exploring the designs, ideas, and issues of life.

Fibrewood Objects-Tray collection

Fibrewood Objects-Tray collection is made from lacquer and flax fiber. It comes in three styles; cloudy black, cloudy blue, and frosty gold. Each tray is made through a fifteen step process, after which it is coated in eight layers of lacquer to create a smooth, matte finish. The result is a unique, organic pattern on each product. The trays make a perfect platform for keys, stationery, business cards, and jewelry.



STUDIO LIM is a material driven design brand powered by innovation.
We turn materials through a journey of research and experimentation into one-of-a-kind lifestyle products for interiors and home. There you find our inheritance of authentic craft traditions fused with our skills of modern manufacturing. We aim to deliver an experience where you discover a renewed idea of aesthetics enhanced by sustainable choices of materials, technology and craft.
STUDIO LIM is not only a design brand but also an inspiration of new aesthetics for a sustainable future.