2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24(SUN) 11AM−7PM※最終日は5PM迄

一般 ¥1,000 / 学生 ¥500

kudan house(東京・九段下)

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2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24(SUN)11AM−7PMOpen until 5PM on the last day

Adults ¥1,000 / Student ¥500

kudan house

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sound installation

touch by hearing/ recllection

Kudan house is costracted with concrete and surrounded by the human-made nature.
When I first visited there, I have felt the breath of living people once here.
You can hear the sound from other rooms and the garden like a window. Those sound reminds us both of separation and connection.

I prepared the one single conduction material in the study room. You can touch that and hear the sound with sense of touch. That sound will lead you to your past memory. That’s because you can not refuse conduction sounds.

This is your escape from normalisation.
To be hones to yourself.

Sakuma Kaito a.k.a BATIC

Sakuma Kaito a.k.a BATIC

Sound artist


Born in japan 1992, raised in japan and brazil.He major in cognitive science and his music and sound producing is based on that.His music concept is “re - life” to “un - memorable sound materials ” using field recording samples and programmings, he mash up gentle waves of the sound.Recently, he use bone conduction speakers. He try to find next relation between sound and human.