2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM ※最終日は5PM迄

一般 ¥1,000 / 学生 ¥500

kudan house(東京・九段下)

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2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM Open until 5PM on the last day

Adults ¥1,000 / Student ¥500

kudan house

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Grows by glowing, evolves its glow by growing.

It is a design of a process, a function that generates new functions, rather than a design of a completed form. The light hardened resin solidified with light emitted by programmed LED, with the LED itself continuously changing its glow. The resin growing like iceberg or a limestone cave shows various expressions by the lighting, and grows into a new shape from the emitted light. It is not an imitation of nature, but a process of artificial and natural integration that incorporates the principle of nature into artificial operation. The existence connects contrasting matters such as natural and artificial, autonomy and control, incomplete and complete. The installation creates a new environment that is neither natural nor artificial.

Photo:Masayuki Hayashi



Design Studio


Established in 2013, TAKT PROJECT is a design studio based in Tokyo, led by Satoshi Yoshiizumi. The studio has been carrying out self-driven research projects —to destabilize existing frameworks— and the results have been mostly invited and often presented independently to museums as well as design events both domestically and internationally, including Milan Design Week, Design Miami/, Museum of Decorative Arts Paris (Musée des Arts Décoratifs), 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, and the M+ museum in Hong Kong. Based on the research results, the studio realizes diverse projects to create ‘envisioned possibilities’ in collaboration with various clients.
Received many domestic and international awards, including Design Miami/ Swarovski Designers of the Future Award 2017、Dezeen Award 2019 “Emerging designer of the year” winner, iF Award, Red Dot Award, German Design Award. Also, A work has been collected in Hong Kong M+.