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kudan house(東京・九段下)

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2019.11.16 (SAT) − 24 (SUN) 11AM−7PM Open until 5PM on the last day

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kudan house

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Another Seascapes

“Another seascapes” is a homage to Hiroshi Sugimoto's “Seascapes”, which Sugimoto has been capturing seascapes over the world as an eternal notion. By collecting a large number of images linked certain hashtags on Instagram, analysing with AI, reconstructing into an image, Tateisi tries to observe the primal scenery that AI sees = the cut out human social notion.
In this series, the artist mixes 2 types of hashtags, which are geographical seas such as #atlanticsea or #caribbeansea and conditional seas such as #foggysea or #oceansunrise. By removing physical restriction, it challenges to extract the common idea or behavior that human reacts to the sea.
There are abstract outlines of human in the sea that AI seas. The sea that has been uniting human society is deconstructed in the virtual world, and another seascapes appear there as people posts based on their own lifestyle, philosophy or aesthetics. Those who facing to the foggy sea, for instance, are likely to stand straight, turn their back on the lens and gaze at somewhere beyond the invisible horizon. On the southern beaches, many of them take selfies while holding a bottle of beer. On the northern sea, people cross the iced horizon in front of the lens as beetles did at the abby road. In this way of many another seascapes advent in addition to the eternal sea, we notice that “our real sea” is overlaid beyond our sights at the shoreline.
When human leaves this world, we will continue gazing at the sea in another seascapes.

Photo by Jukan Tateisi, Kenryou Gu

Jukan Tateisi

Jukan Tateisi



Born 1986 in Chicago, US. Tateisi is a nonhuman artist, specialised in computational artwork using the artificial neural networks, virtual reality and 3D audio alongside with fine photography and sound producing. His works are aimed to observe the human image in the landscape that Artificial Intelligence sees. Known for “The drowned world anchor”, “It is that it is”, “Kotoba odoru” and “Abiotope”. He is studying fine art photography at Royal College of Art since 2017. Distinction in master thesis “It can sing; it can compose; it can shoot”.