Fumie Shibata×Sakai Sangyo

‘Layered Wood” is a new form in wooden furniture. Focusing on the attractive beautiful and tender qualities of domestic laminated wood, this highly versatile contemporary bench makes exemplary use of forest resources from which it was born. This new furniture project by Nagano-based Sakai Sangyo and designed by Fumie Shibata, “Layered Wood” aims to expanding the possibilities of Japanese domestic natural resources. The latest piece, “Layered Bench”, pairs a plain iron base with high-quality, substantive laminated wood. Rings exposed in cross-section on the on the cut end are not only beautiful, but also reveal the warm embrace of hundreds of trees. Nagano Prefecture-source Larch accounts for over 50% of the materials used, and the resulting sophisticated wooden furniture suited to wide range of settings. Traditionally, the image of the tree has been identified with Japanese culture’s close link to the natural environment, sometimes with the result of out-moded values being unduly emphasized. Laminated lumber and high quality, effective materials crafted from the resources of the forest can be less prized than pure ones. “Layered Wood” presents a freer material of contemporary value, which draws out the beauty and charm of nature in laminated wood.

Fumie Shibata×Sakai Sangyo


Fumie Shibata / Established Design Studio S in 1994 after graduating from Musashino Art University and a stint at a home electronics manufacturer. The recipient of numerous awards and active across a wide range of fields focused on goods used in daily life, her Kenonkun for Omron, and the capsule hotel “9h” are among her most recognized work.
Sakai Sangyoo / Active in pursuing a domestic lumber lifestyle and participant in the “Tree Trainer” movement.