Hajime Narukawa / AuthaGraph

Authagraph has been researching a simplified method of creating structures using Tensegrity, said to result in lightest structures in history, and whose assembly are notoriously difficult. Both works presented in this exhibition are products whose creation utilizes this infamous engineering. This“Tensegrity Prototype Furniture” -with its gravitational force shifted from the normal flow of top to bottom, its uniquely powered vectors sublated- is a mathematical model to be touched. Tensegrity Table-The tenets of tensegrity allowed for a table design with a simpler-than-ever “recipe” it can be assembled with just store-bought metal wire and a single piece of plywood laser cut along drafted lines. Tensegrity Tree A Christmas tree cut utilizing tensegrity’s structural components. An achievement in the ingenuity of design in assembly method, the delicate balance of tension among the suspended struts of this tree can be easily, tool-lessly assembled and disassembled by anyone.

Hajime Narukawa / AuthaGraph

Architect and structural engineering

CEO of Authagraph, lecturer at Kuwasawa Gakuen and Miraikan advisor. Devised a new world map, Authagraph in 2009. Was involved in the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and under his supervision Geocosmos, a large scale globe, and Geopalette, an archive of world maps, and Geoscope, a touch panel display were completed in 2011.