The Weight of Blue is an exhibition of the works created by Outofstock in collaboration with Freiherr von Poschinger Glasmanufacktur, a 450-year-old glass factory in Bavaria, Germany. Through a week-long sojourn into the depths of the Bavarian forest, the designers of Outofstock—Sebastián, Wendy, Gustavo and Gabriel—nurtured a deeper exchange with the glassblowers, Marcus and Miro, and the 15th generation heir of the Poschinger glass factory, Benedikt Baron Poschinger von Frauenau. The Weight of Blue is a project borne out of such keen observation of and insightful conversation with the Bavarian glassblowers. The set of six vases, in a spectrum of intuitively measured blues, seek to make material years spent in mastering a skill - crafting colors in glass against an invisible scale in their hands. This is a story about mastering the color blue after 25 years of practice. This blue is material, translucent and the color of cobalt-hued glass. *Supported by CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY


Design studio

This multicultural design collective was borne of a 2005 encounter in Stockholm, and as developed into a fully-fledged design studio that is currently involved in furniture, lighting and interior design as well as art direction, having re-defined the Singapore food space/experience by making full use of hand craftsmanship in the creation of unique art objet. Based in Singapore and Barcelona.