Pablo Pardo&Dana Cannam × Ark Trading, Inc.

CLAMP is a simply designed and sustainably engineered lighting solution combining the inherent beauty of hand-crafted, North American hardwood with the brilliance and function of state-of-the-art LED technology. Employing an ingenious compression-fit system, Clamp eliminates unnecessary hardware and is produced almost entirely of natural materials. Its arm effortlessly cantilevers from its angled post and can be adjusted to any desired position, providing warm, focused light while its clamp tightly grips tables of nearly any thickness. Clamp’s minimal esthetic combines a superior performance and a playful expression that compliments any home or office setting. In addition to the original "CLAMP" and "CLAMP FS", the newest versions, the smaller and desk model "CLAMP Mini" and slim floor model "CLAMP Floor", will also be showcased.

Pablo Pardo and Dana Cannam


Pablo was founded in 1993 in San Francisco, USA, by Venezuelan born designer Pablo Pardo. Embracing a “less is more” ideology, Pablo develops practical and innovative solutions that are free of decorative elements. All of its classic creations are linked in valuing simple design, permanence, and sustainability to enhance the quality of living. CLAMP was designed with Canadian designer, Dana Cannam.