Ryoji Takahashi, Akichika Tanaka / VITRO

As daylight wavering on a lakebed or as moonlight shining on breaking surf, the line between extraordinary and mundane synchronizes the mind. The LED light in lighting fixture Minamo passes through a filter of quietly rippling water and illuminates gently through a floor plate and expands beautifully to infiltrate the day-to-day with the spectacular Exhibited here is the latest work in a series that explores a "sense of the unusual in the usual" with light and liquid.

Ryoji Takahashi, Akichika Tanaka / VITRO

Creative firm

Vitro is a creative firm led by the concept:“experiment and discovery” Working beyond expertise, generations and existing frameworks, it was founded by designer Ryoji Takahashi and engineer Akichika Tanaka in 2011. Exhibited DesignTide Tokyo & Milano Salone Satellite; Macef Creazioni Giovani 2013 Winner.